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Friday, December 2, 2011

no room for that...

 I was watching something on TV the other night where they were talking about things that are in your bedroom that could be damaging to your spirit by just knowing of its presence. I was in my bed at the time and looked over at my desk. Stacks of old bills, tax receipts, collection notes, bank statements. I knew it was time to get rid of it all. I woke up Thursday morning and did wanted to do cleaning. I moved the old shredder downstairs and made an afternoon of it. Cranked up the music and got to getting rid of the bad stuff. Organizing the papers I needed in a new file by my computer. Laughed at some old bills and statements and even some stories I wrote years ago. It was a dusty, and tedious gig but after, it ended up being very refreshing. All Gone. All papers are now kept by my desk. Nothing allowed in my room. that makes me think of money, or worries or outside life.  It truly made my life easier. And worry free.

Lesson of the day: Clean out your room. Get rid of everything that could be damaging your insides. Just you knowing they're there. Underneath your keys, or your smokes or pictures, is the stuff that makes you feel the stress' of coming home and calling it a day. Get rid of it all. Make your room your room of peace and true relaxation. It might be a small thing, but in the long run, it'll help you live a stress free life and there's always room for that.