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Monday, November 14, 2011

reading my vulnerability..

My next mixtape is going to be a bit different. It won't be just songs. It'll be a bit of me thrown in. I'm taking the plunge and recording some of my last works and putting it out there. At first I thought it would be just my poetry, which I don't think gets enough shine. I mean, I look at the site stats and no one ever reads the poetry. I thought If I were put it on a more welcoming medium, people would hear it. And like it. Or not. Doesn't matter. As long as someone hears the tree fall. I know it'll be dark. I just need music to match the darkness. I feel good about it. I feel like I'm going through this unique artistic journey. The one thing I have realized during this journey is that I need to be more vulnerable. Vulnerable to the pain. The hurt. The truth. I have accepted that. And I'm ready to have other people read my vulnerability. The creative process has began. I don't want to rush this one. I want to make it good. Awesome, in fact. Just so people appreciate it when they hear the tree fall.