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Friday, November 4, 2011

momentum of constant peace..

It's quiet. Not even 7.30 and nothing on. No TV. No music. Nothing. Just the sound of my fingers pounding away on my laptop and the occasional slurp from my coffee mug appreciating the first sips of Hot Chocolate in a while. Been at least a few weeks. 5, tops. I like it like this sometimes. Before the hectic sounds that the days bring. Especially Fridays, it's nice to have a momentum of constant peace. Peace and quiet. Gotta shave again today. Don't want the Mobrothers to think I'm slacking and cheating and have my 'stache join my five o'clock shadow to make up a very odd shaped beard. Cleaned yesterday. Nice to have my work area properly taken care of. Amazing how neatness cleans you up inside as much as it does in the outside. Did that make sense? Well, I believe it. Always have. For a guy, I'm pretty neat. And I guess in that 1950's slang way, too. See what I did there? Tapping fingers together. Another sound to add to this sincere atmosphere, this morning. Clicking of nails. That was a cool beat, actually. 7.19am. Ten minutes since I started writing this. The e-mails are coming in. Soon enough, I'll need the calming distractions that is music and media to make me whole. I like it like that sometimes..

Lesson of the day: Take time today to appreciate sound. Not music. Not radio. Not TV. Just the sound of silence. Turn it up and fall into its captivity.