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Thursday, November 24, 2011

loosing the wonder..

I get in moods. I get in moods inspired by something. Most of the time, it makes me want to do something creative. Usually, write, paint or take pictures of specific things or at a specific place. Sometimes, I get carried away with one subject. One thing. One idea that I run with it for a while. It's been 20 plus years for Hip Hop. I indulge in finding out all its history. The story that made it. I've always been like that. I remember as a kid when I first got into wrestling, I would take any free time I had to look up some books about Pro Wrestling. Back then, there wasn't any books about the then World Wrestling Federation, so I just read about Olympic wrestling. Didn't care. As long as it was about two guys fighting it out in a ring and it had some type of history lesson. I guess that's why I'm considered a nerd with everything I'm in to. Wrestling, music, Hip Hop culture, photography, art., history, cooking. The feeling comes and goes. The feeling of passion for a subject. As I'm getting older, It doesn't come around as much, but when I do get that gist of creative inspiration, I appreciate it and thankful for it. Reminds me of something my late aunt once wrote in one of my birthday cards. Don't loose that Wonder. I'm trying not to, Auntry Rab. I'm trying not to.

Lesson of the day: Keep curious about life and new things. Take up a new subject. Listen to a new radio station and check out new music. Watch a totally different type of movie tonight. Find something new that might get your interest. It'll keep you growing and keep you wondering...