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Sunday, November 20, 2011

forever feist...

Toronto really needs to be proud of its accomplishments this year when it comes to music. The new Feist album is no exception. Ranking up as one of my top releases for 2011, The Broken Social Scene camp continues to release fire. Metals, the follow-up to 2007's acclaimed The Reminder, continues Feist's long love letter to fans about love and life. And it's sincerer. That's what I really dig about her. You can tell she feels her words.

Undiscovered First, the second cut on the record, features a strum along riff and hard rock sing-along that paints the picture for the whole 12 track tape. Sitting in a basement and hearing a girl vent. It's also awesome she's good to look at. The production really does it for me on this album while the intelligent emo type words gives us a good idea on what's going on in the artists head.

Yes. Artist. And that's what she is. An Artist.

My top track on the album, Comfort Me, got me sunk into the voice while humming along to the pain. Accepting it. After all, all true art is inspired by the pain of the artists. Deep inside, she hurts and we just benefit from it. In a huge way.

Listen to the lyrics. Bump your head to the beats. Enjoy Metals. It's an awesome record from a true Canadian treasure. Toronto, stand up. One of our queens did good.