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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

for mark..

Hey There Bud. I know I haven't checked in. Been busy. Doing this Movember thing. Been thinking about you a lot though. When I first thought of maybe growing a moustache for a whole month, I thought of Tom. And I thought of You. And I thought it's not an option. I have to. Have to do it for my boys. If this month I don't make any money at all, I'm happy that I tried to follow in your footsteps in raising awareness for Prostate Cancer. Putting on Dailey's shoes is a large task in its self. It'll be hard to try to duplicate everything you did for Cancer research, Bud, but we're trying. I'm trying. With you in mind. And I know that you are here with us. By our side cheering us on and reporting back to the crew at the big radio and TV station in the sky how our progress is. Thank you. Thanks for the encouragement you gave me and many others while here on earth and now while you're looking down on us. Words you shared with me. Advice you kindly gave me and that twinkle in your eye when you snapped one of your famous one liners, will never be forgotten and are thought of..well. Daily. (That pun was for you.)

While Movember is close to its end for another year, I will continue to fight so we can get some type of cure for this deadly monster. I will do it for you and Tom and know that my boys will be there rooting me on like you two always did.

Will check in again, soon.

Stay well.


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