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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a drunk dream...

I don't dream about being intoxicated too much. I never really have. That's why last night's dream was odd. Here's what I remember..

I'm in a bar that's narrow and white. White seats. White walls. White everything. The bar is even all white. Looks really hip. I'm sitting down in a booth drinking a large pint. Looks more like a pitcher. I go walking for a bit. It's daytime. I go walk on the street. Stores and the area look familiar. It's my hood. But the streets are narrower. More hilly streets. After a smoke, I go back inside. A friend of mine is in my booth. I used to work with her years ago. She's drunk. Passed out. I take a shot and sit next to her. She's grabs me and puts her head on my shoulder. I hold her. I start to fall asleep, too. I place my head on hers. We're comfortable. After a few moments of shut eye, i hear a rumble She vomits.

I wake up.