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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

dream seller dream

I had a dream of dream seller last night.. It inspired the following...

Last night I had a dream of a dream seller.
Gave me cash. Lashed out a sash.
She told me I wanted her hand. I told her I wanted to be in a band.
Sing a love song like Lionel. Long and loud. 
She gave me her hand to hold. I folded my fingers on the back of her hand.
Held tight. Never fight again. Not speaking, man. 
She asked. I replied. I can't lie. I couldn't stand not speaking, man.
Last night I had a dream of a dream seller.
She gave me hope. We coped. Through it all.
Till one of us falls. Always caught. Superman shirt we wear.
For each other. Yes, man. We're there for each other, man.
I can't stop loving you man. Hello? As Lionel sung and she replied.
Yes. I'm there. My dream is a reality. Of a dream seller.