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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

clean shaven

Day one. Shaved clean as per the rules. Let the growing begin. As November begins, it also represents the beginning of my Movember debut. Like watching your veggies grow at the beginning of spring, I'm constantly looking at my face waiting for the 'stache to come in. I can't wait anymore. Let's get this thing started. I want to reap the benefits. I might have stated before, but what I really want to get out of this Movember experiment is accomplishment. And appreciation for life. And how thankful we need to be for being well. Having health. I guess you can say mental and physical health is my main goal this month, but also remembering the fallen friends who lost their life from Cancer. Ironically, one of my best friends who passed away from the Big C died in November of 2004. I'll be thinking of Tom this month a bunch. Shaved clean. Waiting. Here's to day one.

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