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Thursday, October 27, 2011

trivial smug

As the nervousness creeps in for my first attempt at Movember, I am also kinda excited. I don't think I have ever had any type of facial hair for more than three weeks. Beard, Gotee, long-ass sideburns. I've done it all. Except for the moustache. Hence my nervousness. I then realize what this is all for. Why I'm doing it and most importantly, who I'm doing it for. I strike my superficial suspicion and decide to march on with the Movember mission with no restrictions. Be Brave. Be strong. Words muttered by a friend of mine who died from Cancer in 2004. Another once said to keep on smiling - If it ain't gonna kill you....you know the rest. He actually said it like that, too. Good souls who lost their lives from being brave, smiling and being strong on their last legs. I'm not on my last leg. I've got a few more miles to run and I'm loosing it over a moustache? Smarten up as one Cancer survivor I know would advise. I hope I can borrow from the strength I gained from the solders who battled the Big C and humbled to look past the trivial smug that we tend to think about too much without even realizing it. Just in time for the holidays, hopefully I'll learn about the delicate fabric this life is made of.

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