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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the fallback plan..

The fallback plan. Everyone has them. The people or thing that's always there. That feels the most comfortable. Most of the time, it's done due to a want not need. While I was on my morning jog the other day on the way to the local big name coffee joint (you know the one), I noticed a women walking her dog. I know both of them. She usually walks with her husband. Haven't seen him in ages. I nodded in recognition and quickly asked where the lesser half was. She quickly quipped, No more. Her dog was her other half, now. I saw her moments later at the coffee shop. We were standing in line together when she remarked that she was seeing an ex. It was bound to happen, she boasted while grabbing her medium regular. We sat down together by the window while the dog was anxiously wanting to pounce right on me like he always does. Kola and I are best buds and am one of the only gents he likes. So I'm told. Caroline and I chatted for a while longer. The longest conversation we've ever had. Seemed like it was one of those talks that made us friends and not jogging acquaintances. She told me how when you get to a certain age you get too tired to look for someone new or to go back into the single scene. You just dig up the old and run with it. I replied that I'm not much younger than her. She then asked if I had my own fallback plan. I said yes and no. There people out there that I always tend to talk more to when I feel there's no one new. But that always turns into us growing closer and tightening our already tight friendship. I told her that the fallback plan is a bad idea. There's a reason why they're an ex. She agreed. Thought it made sense and in a fainting, surrendering type of voice whispered, I'll see where this takes me.