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Thursday, September 29, 2011

the modern way

I haven't watched one episode of Modern Family this season. Well, that was up till this morning. I tired yesterday but something was wrong with the CITY-TV online player. Kept on freezing. So, today, with my coffee and Eggo Waffles by my side, I searched out anywhere I could enjoy the first three episodes online. Tougher job when you live in Canada. Alas, I finally did. Spent my breakfast with Jay, Gloria, Phil and the rest of the gang. Modern is the only newer show on the 'vision today that makes me laugh out loud. Most shows don't. Unless you're going back to the heyday of classic sitcoms. Nothing for the past decade has really made me enjoy a half hour of solid comedy till this show came along. I never realized, till this morning, what a good dose of laughter can do to brighten up your morning.

Made me think. Wouldn't it be cool if boss' would let you gather around their desk in the morning to watch your favorite sitcom you missed the night before because you wanted a fresh start in the morning? Laughter brings good spirit. Good spirit brings good attitude. Good attitude brings good productivity. Good productivity brings money.

And, don't get me started on how cultural phenoms, much like unites people together. Meh. Maybe I'm just way too modern for today's folk. But I think this should be the modern way. Everyday.