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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the wrestling legends dream

Like with anyone who has a great love for a longtime pastime, I think of wrestling a lot. The good old WWE. In my spare time, I check out wrestling videos and shoot videos. I'm part of the 10 percent of smart wrestling internet fans. However, for the amount I think of the squared circle, I don't dream about it much. Till last night. It was a good one. This is how it went...

I'm in a large stadium. By myself. I am lead to my seat by some scurrility guys. I don't know why I'm there till I look out to mid-field and see a wrestling fing set up. I wonder how's on the card. Suddenly, the lights go off. People stand. The ring announcers enters the ring and bellows out the Main Event. The music hits. Shawn Michaels comes out doing his shtick. He enters the ring. Just as he walks over to his corner, the ring announcer announces Michaels' opponent. The one. The only. Ravishing Rick Rude! But he died in 1999. Everyone is playing along as if the ravishing one never passed. As the two legends start to grapple, I turn around to see two officers. They're holding a couple of guns at me. I tell them I never did anything. They tell me be quiet and watch the show.

I wake up.