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Monday, July 18, 2011

the balance of life

It was a crazy weekend. Quiet. Recouping from the busy birthday week. Tired. My hangover lasted a day longer than expected. Was just in that type of mood where I wanted to purge on the couch listen to Adele and some Jazz lp's and reflect on the week that was. Where I went wrong. Where I did good and all the other stuff in between that just ends up giving us balance in life. Woke up Saturday hoping it would be a quiet one where I would do my weekend duties, some gardening and house stuff then crash for the afternoon only to wake up later that evening to eat and watch some adult movies. Nah. The unexpected crazy day started just before my mother went to the gym. As she was leaving, she opened the door to was reminding of some last minute things to do before she gets back. While doing so, a fat black and white cat wondered in. We laughed. This cat has come to our place before. May 2009. She followed me home one night and came to chill for a while till the next morning when we had her loose. I tired every trick in the book to get her out of our house. Offering her treats, milk, water. Cookies. Anything. But as soon as I opened the door, she knew that it was a trap and she just sat in front of me. Staring. Just wondering why am I not going to keep her. I felt bad. The cat was obviously house trained. She knew what to do and not to do. She knew the grounds of a house. I think her parents got rid of her and has been on the street since. She was well behaved but need some serious grooming. Her long hair made her look fat. At first we thought she was carrying. But it wasn't so. A few hours passed when I just gave up. I let her chill. She sat by my side for a while until my Mom returned. I told Mom I called Animal Control so they can check her out and make sure she didn't catch anything. I thought she did as she had loss of breath and her heart was beating pretty fast. And she wasn't eating. We decided to take her into the garage and leave her there till the authorities came. A couple of hours after, she was taken away.

That was my morning right there. It was an eventful one. I just hope the little girl is going to be alright.