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Friday, May 20, 2011

rip macho man randy savage

Had other plans this afternoon but I can't work on that right now. Going to work tomorrow or the next day. All I know now is that I'm bummed. Macho Man has passed away. He was a childhood hero of mine and was part of some of my best earliest memories. When you're a kid and you see this bigger than life super hero, you tend to think they'll never leave. Then one day, after you have grown up and become wiser, the ideal that these old unmovable objects are still bigger than death. Then they die. Struck with disbelief that death has hit someone who you thought would live forever. Macho Man was a prime example of this. Going to spend the rest of the day watching old Macho Man matches and reliving the easier days - when death was something for the other guys and not for your heroes.

Thanks for everything, Randy Poffo. You'll be missed.