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Friday, May 27, 2011

content on being here..

Sitting on Couch. Joggers on. Pillow on lap. Laptop on Lap. Blogging. TV on in the background. This is my Friday night. Lemonade Iced Tea by my side. Drinking slowly. Typing quickly. Thinking quietly. Time for a break for things. Before everything starts again. It will soon. I just know it. Always during the summer months. It's a must. It wouldn't be summer if it doesn't. Times to curl up on the couch and do what your heart really wants to do is something we don't get to do too often during the summer months. We exchange these private moments for public intoxication and late walks by on the beach with a cool breeze hitting your hair while you finish your last sip of Canadian brew and inhale the last of your special smokes. Windows are open, though. It's nice. Light breeze floating in with a flirting of rain. This feels like a holiday in itself. Except it isn't and the mind is so relaxed it doesn't have the energy to fantasize I am on one. I'm content being here. Sitting on couch. Joggers on. Pillow on lap. Laptop on lap. Blogging.