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Saturday, April 2, 2011

yyz story

Kicking it at the YYZ bar right now. Check in went fast. Having a couple of tall ones before I get on. In an hour and a half. Busy days go fast. I have never been able to take in what goes down at the airport till now. Noticing people come and go. Go and come. All kinds. All types. Ages, colors. Nationalities. Reasons of leaving. Coming. Staying. Stories behind each head holding a passport. The gate area is getting busier now. Again. All types. All different stories. People looking at each other wondering the same thing. What's their story? This story is just beginning.

Going through customs today. A young women was behind the counter. Asked the regular questions. Where? Why? How long? The usual. She noticed I didn't sign my passport which I got renewed a year back. I signed. A few seconds of silence. She then asked "American?" I firmly replied, "Canadian". She laughed and hinted, "No. The airline you're taking." I corrected myself. "Oh yeah. American". We continued to chuckle about it till she handed me back my vitals and I went on my way.

Again. It's just the beginning of this story.