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Monday, April 18, 2011

world of yoga

Before Yoga became the big trend it has become to today, Waldorf was teaching it in schools. It was an alternative to high school kids who didn't want to do Drama or sport activities or Handworking. I had Yoga class twice a week for one semester for two years straight. I didn't really appreciate it as much as I should've as I used it usually as a way to skip class and grab a large coffee from the local donut hangout. However, I did get that connection when I did attend. I had a feeling that Yoga would become as big as it has today. It was just that cool and trendy to be huge in the suburbs. As someone who doesn't really do the gym thing I don't get my chance to go to Yoga classes. I walk everywhere. I think that's workout enough for me. However, I do respect the art form it embraces and the psychology behind it. This is why I was happy to accompany my Mom last weekend to check out the big Yoga Conference in Toronto at the Convention Center. The three day treat for all ages was a Mecca for local Yogagoers around the way and meditation gurus from the local land. It was a hippie fest. Dozens of booths hawking clothing, natural foods, mats, natural medications, and books were placed in a the large room on the second floor while in the center, hundreds of people lined up for a free Yoga class' led by some of Toronto's finest teachers.

The day went awesome as it opened up my mind to the current Yoga universe and how it can really help you. Mentally and physically. My Mother even got a free acupressure mat out of the deal, too which is cool as I tried it the following day and I fell asleep on it for almost an hour and waking up feeling refreshed inside and out.

I'm surprised Waldorf didn't have a booth there as it seemed somewhere the Waldorf name would've belonged. Even without them, it felt like I was in high school all over again and opening my spirit wanting to be educated about the unknown universe of Yoga and meditation. Now, at least, I'm more open to knowing more.