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Saturday, April 16, 2011

thank you ckln...

It's official. CKLN is done. The station is going to make an official announcement on Monday. It's indeed one really sad day in the city when we say goodbye to a station that helped shape a large coommunity. A culture. A way thousands learned about Hip Hop culture.I shared my memories a while back. These memories will live on and become stories I will tell my kids when we're swapping tales on how their old Dad got into the music of his day. But more importantly, CKLN should be remembered as a community project that helped shape a creative city of artists, independent thinkers and progressive thinkers. This kinda outlet is not easy to come by these days and it's sad that The Man is killing off their voice. As we mourn, we must try to rebuild. Stronger.

Thank You CKLN for the Memories. You will be missed.