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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

realization: have i become that guy?

Came to a realization today. Scary one? Not really. As I got my coffee this morning, I went to step outside to do my daily three huge breaths of morning air - an exercise I picked up years ago from the teacher, Depack Chopra . I bent down to grab the free local newspaper. With slippers on and still in my pajamas, I realized something. I have become That Guy. That stereotypical suburban man who pays the newspaper guy while wearing his housecoat and talks to the other men on the street who are out mowing the lawn or doing other man-type duties. I just need to go bald and be smoking a cigar to make this idea complete. Funny how these types of stereotypes creep up on us while we're just living the life. I'm not upset. It was just about me making the realization. Next step. Wife and kids.