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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Twisted my ankle on the weekend. It's getting better. Lots of rest and elevation. Not really able to do long periods of sitting therefore, taking a break from the computer for a few days. Going to check in a few times a day but for most of it, I'll be laying down in my bed. Maybe couch. Maybe floor. Need variety. Checked out online what I should be doing. There's no swelling or discoloration. It just hurts. When I add pressure, it hurts even more and sometimes, it's hard to wiggle my toes. Really don't want to go to the walk-in. HA. See what I did there? Sprained ankle. Walk? Nevermind. Anyway, I'll be back. Hopefully this week. Want it to get better before my trip to Michigan next week. Gong to enjoy some rest along with tea and juice and fruit and all other foods that you get when injured and need some good stuff to brighten up your day. Cheers to Advil Extra Strength.