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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hate days like these..

I hate days like this. Tired all day. Nothing going. Nothing flowing. Then by the time you want to call it quits, this sudden burst of energy bursts out and you are found doing late work till you exhaust yourself out not only a half hour later. Mentally exhausted. It was one of those nothing was working for me kinda days. Even the small things. Nothing. I was going to pack up and head home, but realized that I should stick it out. Like a true creative solder. Which I did. And I'm happy that I did. I have come up with stuff to do tomorrow which is always cool. Like to look forward to things for the following day. It's a comfortable feeling knowing that you have something to go to or do the next day. It's nice. It's one of those days where you only wish the next day has to be better and hope that it's a good one. And hope it's a productive one. Not like today. I hate days like these.