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Sunday, March 27, 2011

lazy sundays

One constant quote I've heard this weekend is that it has passed so fast. I thought so, too. Woke up this morning wondering how it could already be Sunday. Got up early and tried to start my day. Get things done before Noon. Fail. I had to go back to sleep. Not like I had a big night on Saturday. Went to bed before midnight. It was just that Sunday morning drowsiness that seems to kick in every week. No matter how refreshed you feel. I did, however end up download some albums I've wanted for a while which was really cool. Listened to old Prince while making banana pancakes. Then crashed. Woke up and still kinda tired. It was a lazy Sunday indeed. Less than a week I will be in Miami. Looking at the weather I'm happy I'm leaving for a bit. Doesn't look like this winter from hell will be leaving us anytime soon. It'll be an average of 30 degrees over in Florida for the first few days I'm there. Finally, t-shirt. Beach. Some type of exotic mixed drink and sunshine. It's about time. These are the lazy days I look forward to.