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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the disturbing dream..

I really don't know where I was. I'll explain. It's a dream from moments ago. Reason why I'm up now at almost 3am and not able to go back to sleep. I'm at some type of music festival. Just got there. I'm in the press area. Walking around but seem to only be bumping into strangers and other people I don't know. Going in circles. I then hump into this one guy who is talking to a girl. He is excited to see me. He told me he went to school with me and saw our old teacher a while back. We talk. I then leave and walk backstage to see if I can get to the bar. I suddenly am transformed and am in a hospital. Walking briskly down a hallway. I'm there to see my friend who passed away in 2004. I go see him. He's in a large white room. We're talking when he pulls out a blue binder. It's his writings. He gives me the book to look through. It's a mix of a diary and a sketching board. He won't tell me the meanings behind some of his entries and sketches. As he tells me that he converts into an old lady. In a wheelchair. She now tells me that I should take the book and to write some stuff in it. She asks me if I have any good ideas. I say no. I try to walk away but she forces the book on me. I finally take it and leave the room. I put the book down outside the room thinking someone will give it back to her. Or him. As I'm leaving, a girl I know walks in. She asks me where I'm going. I say home.

I wake up.