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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

alyssa milano and shane sitting in the tree..

I'm not a fan of Pierce Brosnan. I'm not a huge fan of CNN, either. However, I tuned in tonight because I heard that he'll be talking about Twitter. And Alyssa Milano will be on it.

Milano and I go way back. Way back to her Who's the Boss days. I would run to the corner store after school with my friends and grab the latest Big Bop and Tiger Beat magazines to get the latest pullout of our super starlet. I would sit by the television every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock to watch the groundbreaking comedy just to get a glimpse of the teenage beauty. I remember I boycotted the show when she got a boyfriend. I would later watch the show again when I heard that they broke up. I couldn't stay mad at her. Fast forward 20 years and she still gives me those blushing spells when I see her. Like tonight. But unlike before, I'm in awe with her intelligence. How she spends so much of her time helping charities. It's like my first girlfriend in the sandbox is now a world leader and me, at the back of the stadium looking at her on stage, just gushing with joy and amazement that the little innocent girl I once had a crush on in the schoolyard is now a leader of a whole generation and has an amazing mind to back it up.

In the mid 80s, Alyssa was conscienceless in shaping what I would look for in girls in my formative years of being a young, good looking bachelor. Through her, I found out that I liked humor, and innocence and a sweet smile, deep eyes, puffy lips and a nice neck. But I fell for a character without knowing her. And now. so many years later, she is again shaping what I dig in girls. Intelligent. Independent. Determined. Caring. And of course, that sense of humor is still important. She's radiant. Still. And I'm sure I was trying to say that when I was 9 years old with my school buddies but we just thought of her as a girl with a nice smile.

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