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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

trying to get shot down in life's video game..

It's the worst when you get on this terrific creative speed race with yourself excited to see how you can out-beat yourself the following day when something halts your progress. My computer is almost near dead. No volume. Well, I lie. It comes and goes and I have to restart it to make it work again most of the time. My Photoshop isn't working either. Two of the main things I need to do things to forward my professional creative energy are down. This is making me very annoyed and stressed. My head hurts when I'm reminded of the troubles that's going on in my tower of megabites. That really bad ache when I start to think about the future and how this one problem can potentially ruin the rest of my life. That type of hurt when you over think everything and make a small problem into something huge. Bigger than you. Bigger than Jesus. Bigger than wrestling. Bigger than drugs and cigarettes.

I try to think about the positive and think that at least I'm still able to surf the web. I try to look for alternatives but it's just not happening. I still think about the potential outcome of this and wonder what will happen.

I hit myself when I realize it always happens when I'm on a roll. Something comes along to just stop it dead in its tracks. It's like the ultimate test of if I'm strong enough to make it happen.

The ultimate power places little blocks in your path every so often to make sure you are still paying attention. A wake up call to make sure you're living and knowing what's going on. Like when the teacher calls on you when they think you're sleeping or nodding off. But most importantly the power places these little diversions there to make sure you want whatever you're after enough. To find out if you would do anything to obtain your goal. It's just the matter how you overcome it. Sometimes, you will scream, and stress about it, but they just want to know if you can cure it and not let it bother you. Well, not that much. Well, not as much as where you will stop chasing that dream of yours. That's when they know if you were serious about it or you were just going after easy money or a dream that you never thought involved hard work.

Lesson of the day: As life's video game sends monsters to shoot down, blast them out of your way. Don't let anything get in your way to reach the next level. However small or insignificant others might think it seems to get to that top score. Be humble and stay focussed.