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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

just sometimes...

Sometimes, I want to have the night continue till the early morning when the sun creeps up on us and the moon sets down and we just set down our last drink and ash out last puff. Sometimes, I want to think of yesterday and think it's today. Or now. Sometimes, I want things to be all good. Good for everyone. Friends, family, people I don't know or know or people I'm close with or just know from brief contact. Sometimes, I wish for all the money in the world so I can be better off and I can help out my people in need. Sometimes, I wish that I don't need to turn to drugs or alcohol to be happy. Sometimes, I hope that my stresses go away.

It's been a long night. Haven't slept yet. Been listening to some tunes. Playing with the sound while I still have it. Yeah. Sound is still kinda going on and off on my computer. Can't stand it. I've been thinking too much today. Tonight. This morning. Whatever. I've been up a long time. Too much on my mind, I guess. Or that whole insomnia thing. Whatever the case, I have come up with something in my mind that I have to do. And not do. And things I should do. And shouldn't do. It's been a day of realization and romancing. I guess. In a way. Whatever it is, I just wish sometimes, things were just easier. Like the good old days. She is keeping on my toes. I love it. My art is stimulating me. The gym is making me feel active, but most importantly, refreshed. There's just that thing. That thing that sometimes I wish I knew what it was..