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Friday, February 11, 2011

i'm like a wrestling legend..

I'm sitting back and having a coffee like it's mid-afternoon mid-week trying to get through the workday crunch. It's late, I know. Almost 1 o'clock. Geez, I'm tired but not that tired to call it quits. Just yet. It's Friday. Normally, I would be wild as a bird throwing back domestic pints and celebrating yet another week gone with good folks. Not tonight. Didn't last week, either. I haven't quit drinking. I don't plan on it. I just have that recluse, hibernation type feeling. Winter thing? Maybe. Maybe I'm just content on being home these days. A few months ago, I told a friend that I think we have partied more than most of the next generation will in a lifetime. Scary. I think we can take it easy for a while. Like those old wrestlers who have the legends schedule. The schedule where they only have to work the big shows and show up on the TV five, six, maybe ten times in a year. Sometimes, I feel like those legends. Backs hurting, limping around the house after a night of boozing and wondering why I'm still pushing my body the way I do. Then, something happens. And I'm right back at it. Back to the torture. Back at taking bumps. Liquored clotheslines followed up by Vodka shots down the throat. I tap. I loose another battle with the bad guys only to be back in a few weeks for another battle. I think the only way to win this match is to be away from the squared circle. Not hanging up the glass, just yet. Just need time to think and be out of action. Recoup and then return for one of those big payoff shows and maybe a few TV appearances too. The weekly grind is getting to me, brother.