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Sunday, February 13, 2011

if i were to go bald.

My dad has had a hairpiece for more than a decade. Back in the 90s, It was the trend. All the guys were getting them and it wasn't such a big deal. They even had different designers designing the rugs. After the obligatory baseball chat and talk about money, the men would gather in a circle and talk about hair. Since, the hair talk hasn't been so common. More excepted, I guess. Unless you're The Donald or George Costanza people don't notice if you have the rug or not.

The other day, I was told I was heading in that direction. Going bald. If you know me, you will know I take pride in my hair. I grow it and love it when it's long and free and flowing. I always get compliments on how nice my hair is. These are the reasons why people would think I would take this as a downer, or an insult or as bad news. I think not. I love my hair, but I also love natural progression and have a deep acceptance in life's natural beauty of growing older. This is one of them. Like it or not. I'm not the type of guy who would get a hairpiece or dye my hair or anything like that. I would maybe shave it more, but I won't step in the way of natural forms of human life. I cringe when I see pictures of the top of my head and see a shining scalp showcased, but it's been 32 years. I guess it's about time.

Lesson of the Day: Don't try to change, swerve, or manipulate life's mother nature. When she says it's time, it's time. Embrace it. It's not till you're comfortable in your own skin and your own aging till you will be truly happy with what will be your golden years. The sooner you cherish the change, the sooner you will be living with a smile.