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Saturday, February 26, 2011

the deadly spy dream

I knew I was going to have a weird dream last night. Always happens. Whenever I watch a movie, somehow the storyline sneaks into my sub-conscience and plays havoc on me during rapid eye movement hours. On that note, Let me preface this by noting that I watched the new Liem Neeson flick last night Unknown. It's one of those movies that is better without the hype or not knowing what it's about. I know it worked for me as I don't recall seeing any media for the movie nor interviews with Neeson. I went in blind and it ended up being for the good. Really enjoyed it. Anyway, on to this short but troubling dream. I'm in a guest house. Really small place. Sitting on the floor. I look around. There's a casket beside me with a young boy inside. Maybe early-20's the oldest. He's dead. Blood coming out from his head. My head is bleeding too. I'm also ruffed up, but surviving. I get a call. On the other end of the phone, the voice says that they'll be here in a minute. I wait. Hear some noise outside. Look outside the door and there's three older people standing outside the door with trench jackets. I open the door. They give me a big roll of 100 dollar bills. They take the body and leave. I wake up.