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Thursday, January 20, 2011


While I was doing my previous post, I had just turned on BT and heard a trivia question.

Who is going to be here on June 30th?

I knew the answer. Katy Perry. Just read it on some gossip page that she just announced a North American Tour. Useless info, huh? I quickly got on my GMail account and typed in all the necessary info to BT's contest e-mail address. I had no idea what I would win. I just entered. Make the morning a bit fun, right?

Just received an e-mail from the show's producer. I Won. Won what? A $100 ticket for the Heart and Stroke Lottery. I have never been a big follower of the prize run, so at first read, I thought. Wow! A ticket. Cool. Then, I did some more reasearch. Realized how expensive these tickets were. What the prizes were. How I have 1-3 chances in winning. As I picked up the phone to tell the good news to the folks, I remembered why I won.

I'm sure Mark Dailey pulled some strings.

Thanks, Buddy. You made my day.