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Sunday, January 2, 2011

used to love her

My mother found this picture of me today in an old photo album while she was making room for some new boxes where we put the Christmas decorations. It was from my eleventh birthday. I got my first ghettoblaster and my first pair of huge headphones. The ones that the DJ's wear I remember telling my Dad when he asked what I wanted for my birthday. That ghetto blaster and headphones got me started in playing radio. Two tapes and me. I would play them. Back-to-Back and talk over the intro's. Just like how my favorite radio talent did. I would also make music mixes, too. Tape them from the radio, then splice them using smart and ghetto editing ideas I came up with one day while playing around with the play and pause buttons. Every single free moment I had back then I would sneak away to the bedroom, and do a radio show. I would make a re-mix. I would play with music and the theater of the mind. How I wish I still had some of those tapes. They were pretty special. Do I even own a tape player anymore? Don't think so. Old red died during one of our many moves in the 90s. The headphones broke due to overuse. Every music nerd has a picture like this and every music nerd will tell you a sad sob story about how his picture is better then the others. But mine. Mine is the best because it holds the happier times. The best times. When I was realizing my creativity and I loved playing with her.