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Monday, January 17, 2011


Life just passes by like faster than a drunk driver on the 401. It's just up to us and our mentality not to crash into the car in front of us. While doing that, we have to think where our responsibilities lay. In that split second we have to think what we had to do. What we have to do. What we should've done. What we should've said. Should've been like. Crazy thoughts cross your mind and then you think about your relationships in your life. Again. What you should've said. Should've done. Then you praise your life after you come through that time you might have passed. You think you will change your life and things will be better. You will tell people how you feel. You will eat better. Stop drinking, doing drugs. All that bad stuff. A few months pass by then you're right back to your old self. Things happen. Life happens. Life. Short word but so impactful. Like 90 something years worth. If you're lucky. It's just that split second you actually take in considerations all the alternatives, the options. The choices you have while on this earth and how you should be. As a human being. Gradually tip toeing through life thinking your next step will be death? No. Live it. Love it. Be it. I've come to realize recently - And well, saying recently I actually mean within the past five or so years that you can't because when you're waiting for something bad to happen, you're just not living. The key is to live but have the reminders of what's important in life at the back of your mind and why they're there and that it could be gone anytime. In a split second. Live life. Love it. Be it. But also progress without a care in the world..