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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

leaving it till today..

Design contests make me mentally tired. More on that later. I am trying to get over a cold. Been here since Sunday. Yesterday I had no motivation to do anything, then I had this big energy bolt hit me and ended up creating a couple of cool things. Like that video I posted below. I've come up with a New Year's resolution. Not to put off till tomorrow what I can do today. I've always been a prognosticator. I blame my love towards homework. Ever since then I used to put off doing school work till the very last minute. The big projects were the worst. The habit just stuck. I used to think what is there to do and then I would think of it and then I would justify for leaving it for another day. Even stuff that I enjoy doing. But not this year. I'm trying to get done as much as I can do in a day. Make everyday productive so I can lay myself down at night at be happy with myself knowing that I accomplished something. That gratification feeling is awesome. Makes all the headaches, stressing, punching the wall and hitting the computer screen all worth it. Was trying to re-design the site yesterday but I failed. Again. No creativity power when there's a dozen 12 year olds jumping around in my head and playing the drums while my nose is getting feathered by any little breeze that zooms by. Tomorrow I intend to get better and be more constructive with my time. Tomorrow I plan on working more on the design contest and maybe make a video or two. Tomorrow. Not today. Tomorrow. Yeah. Leave it till then.