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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

can't do nuttin' for ya man

Sometimes you just can't force it out. It has to come naturally. Been siting here, killing time, surfing the internet waiting for something to pop up. Some type of idea. Something that can feed my creative energy. Nothing. It's not that I gave up, it's just that sometimes, it just ain't happening. I was trying to do some design work earlier for a pal's clothing line, but nothing. No innovative ideas. No colorful visions. No nothing. Just a blank piece of mental paper up in the dome. It gets me frustrated which later results in a headache which then turns into me getting aggravated which then makes me mad. Well. let me just say, a chain reaction begins and it's not good. I know it'll take some time. I know it'll take a bit of time away from things and not thinking too much about it for it to come to me. It's just the waiting part that gets on my nerves. Like those long road trips you used to take with Moms and Pops and you continuing to ask them if we're there yet. Hopefully soon, son. Hopefully soon.