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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the blond chick dream

Last night I ended up going to sleep early. Falling asleep in bed with the television on. Like usual. Also like usual, I woke up a few hours later wondering what time it was. This happens way too often. I suffer from insomnia. When I got back to bed I had a dream. Crazy dream. One of those dreams that seemed to have gone on forever. I even woke up a couple of times and went right back to the pillow and I was right back in the dream where I left it. Like I paused it or something. Don't you just love when that happens? So much to write about with this dream, but I'm going to summarize it for you instead. Even I didn't understand it all.

I'm in a room. I open a door and that one-hit wonder Donna Lewis from the late 90's comes on the radio singing her hit, Will Always Love You Forever. The song continues to play throughout the dream. I meet up with a few people I don't know. One girl is a bleach blond girl with a bunch of tattoos. Seems like we have history. We're very affectionate towards each other. Holding hands, hugging, kissing. We end up at a casino. It looks like we reserved the whole floor. Our own party. Down the hall are my parents. In another room are my sisters. In another room is a couple of my friends. I'm rooming with the blond chick. I'm in the room with the girl. We're talking. We have only shirts on. No pants on. I come out to see what's going on. The girl says something about going to a club. I walk down the hallway to talk to my sisters. They poke their heads out of the door and ask me if I'm OK. I say yes. The blond girl is behind me pulling me back to our room to get ready.

I wake up.