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Monday, November 15, 2010

the session: paradise circus - massive attack

Welcome to the new feature on the blog called The Session. This is where I talk to music lovers about new music and they review the new track. This is where the reader, the fan is the star of the blog. Where you have your own say.

For the first edition of The Session we look at Massive Attack's Paradise Circus from the new album, Atlas Air EP.

Frankie Bones:You have to admire the simplicity of some of Massive Attack's music. The have an uncanny ability to turn a 3 chord arrangement and a simple drum beat into a melody that doesn't become annoying after the first minute. In particular, they often avoid the typical staples of a song in that many of their tracks lack a chorus and sometimes even a hook, such is the case with Paradise Circus. That being said, what sets them apart from similar artists, such as Portishead (also from Bristol, UK) or Estero is their penchant for audacious orchestra hits, which is no more prevalent than it is in this track. 4/5 Stars.


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