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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

living in my own world..

It's too early for minus degree weather. It's too early for having to put on winter clothing at night. It's too early for snow. I can't believe it's not too early for Christmas commercials. Saw the first one yesterday. When commercials end with Happy Holidays and a little scene of an old man flying in the air with a bunch of reindeer makes me both depressed and happy. Making me realize that the year is coming to an end. Thankful for what I have learned and what I have overcome, but upset that I might not have accomplish everything I wanted to.

It's too early for this type of stuff, I think to myself as I pass a retired women asking me for change for the give a gift program at the local mall. I look at the slippery ground and see the black ice. I see the white stuff falling and notice the wreaths being hung and realize it isn't. I'd been just living in my own world.