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Friday, October 15, 2010

the view on things...

I am a fan of The View. It reminds me of how the kitchen sounds when around the women in my mom's family. There's women on the show that I don't like. Others I love. Whoopie is one of them. A few days ago, I saw how both Whoopie and Joy walked off set when they were upset with the ignorant words being mumbled by Bill O'Reilly. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here. Not that I agree with anything O'Reilly was saying, however, I do have to say this. I have been lucky enough to be able to see and hear some of the biggest fights on both radio and television. Legends of the craft carrying on with authors, politicians, actors, extravagant right wingers, and even singers. Never once I ever saw any of them walk-off stage or take of their microphone and gave up. It's all about professionalism and knowing how to do your job. What I think happened is that both Goldberg and Bahar got caught up in the moment and had to just take off before anything else went down. I understand that. I'm just disappointed in them. Especially Goldberg. These heated debates are what daytime talk show execs live for and that set needed that passion both women have about what they believe in. And that's why their good at what they do. Furthermore, the producers and the cast of the show should have remembered the last time O'Reilly appeared on the show and he caused havoc for the first time with Bahar. Did the producers book him knowing this and knowing that they might be some type of outlandish outbreak of emotion thus publicity would soon follow? I think so.

They're pretty good at getting free ink.

To all future broadcast journalists reading, make this a learning tool. It takes a lot of will power and talent to go through a whole interview without blowing up and quitting. It takes years of work to create that back bone inside of you. That back bone that I thought both Goldberg and Bahar had.