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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

heads a hurtin'

My heads hurting. Need to get out. Been a hectic few days. Doing stuff. Heads hurting. Do I want a beer though? Not sure. Just something to do. Coffee? Watch baseball at a restaurant? Something. Beer sounds good, though. Somewhere close-by. Somewhere alone. Alone with my thoughts. A lot of them are running around up there. Thoughts. So many. About everything. Every spectrum of my life. Running around and just making it crazy and loud up there. It's hard stand sometimes. I need to check out and call it day. Need to come back tomorrow with a fresh face. The game face. At times like this, I get frustrated easily. Get mad fast. I tend to scream a lot. Scratch my head. I feel dirty. I don't like being around too many people. I don't want too many people talking to me. At least when I'm here. It's the environment sometimes. Sometimes, it's just me. Today. It's just me. Nothing personal. Please don't take it to be. I'm just frustrated. Stressed. My heard hurts. Need to get out.