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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

f.a.t. thursday remix album/mixtape

My man DJ Fase sent me a note today about the tracklist of the new FAT Thursday mixtape slash album. Take a look and then surf over here to download the whole thing. It's some good beats mixed in with awesome Canadian Hip Hop flavor.

1. I Can See (FAT Thursday Remix) Ft. Theo 3 / Jazzanova
2. Time Is Now (FAT Thursday Remix) / The Boomaddicts
3. Don't Sleep On Me (Scam Remix) / Rich Kidd
4. La La La (FAT Thursday Remix) / Andreena Mill
5. Whateva U Want (DJ Fase Disco Mix) / Ivana Santilli
6. Turnaroundagain (FAT Thursday Remix) / Phat Tony Ft. Theo 3 & Ski
7. These Days And Times (Big Tweeze Remix) / Checkmate Ft. Concise
8. Picture Perfect (DJ Fase Remix) / Andreena Mill
9. Soarin' Pt. II (FAT Thursday Remix) / Saukrates
10. 4Evr Young (FAT Thursday Remix) / Ski
11. Dustout Showdown (FAT Thursday Remix) / King
12. Whateva U Want (DJ Fase Lover's Rock Remix) / Ivana Santilli
13. Over (FAT Thursday Remix) / Drake
14. Make It Big (Big Tweeze Remix) / Theology 3
15. Silly Happy Wild (FAT Thursday Remix) / Tanika Charles
16. Make It Big (DJ Fase Remix) / Theology 3
17. Die Walkure (DJ Fase CBC Opera Remix) / Richard Wagner
18. The Realest (DJ Fase Remix) Ft. Frank N Dank, Tona & Famous / Agile
19. Sway (Big Tweeze Remix) Ft. Adversaree / Abdominal & Anonymous Twist
20. How I Flow Pt. 1 (FAT Thursday Remix) / Theology 3
21. If Your Out There (FAT Thursday Remix) / John Legend
22. Last Resort (FAT Thursday Remix) / E3
23. Heateration (Scam Remix) Ft. Grimace Love, Theo 3, Shad & Famous / The Real Freqs
24. Time Is Now (Original) / The Boomaddicts
25. Turnaroundagain (Original) (Bonus Track) / Phat Tony Ft. Theo 3 & Ski