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Friday, October 29, 2010

bowen's love radiates through the speakers

I picked up the package on Friday. It was another CD from Urbnet. As I was walking to the bus, I tore it open to see what type of Hip Hop goodie have they sent me this time. It was a new CD from their latest talent, Len Bowen. I got onto the bus and started to read the bio. It read that the Canadian born emcee is what we "miss about Hip Hop and what you look forward to hearing". I felt the vibe. Sitting down on a packed bus. Bag on sholder overhearing the kids in the back talk about the latest Drake single. It brought me back. As I was on my way out for the evening, I couldn't wait to check out the CD to see if it really manifested Hip Hop culture.

Fast forward a week later.

I'm on my third listen of the CD and every time I hear it, the album never disappointed me. As I expected and like how the bio promised, Bowen's true school rhyme flow was heard on all the tracks of the album. I guess he said it best when he stated, "I'm a throw back to rhymers who made you tune out the beat.". Word. However, tracks like The Come Up featuring Toronto legend Collizhun from Tough Dumpling and Nefarius fame, and Runaway (Love Might Stay) which featured Winnipeg crew Grand Analog, the superior board work on both songs just added to Bowen's microphone techniques. (Collizhun produced The Come Up and Toronto's Aram Scaram did the same for Runaway)

Oh yeah. Did I mention he was from PegCity? Just thought I'd throw that in there.

On a whole. The CD is a wonderful release as a debut drop EP. It gives a good introduction to the listener who Kev Bowen is as an emcee, and a lover of Hip Hop culture. Hopefully Love Story Short, which is now available on Urbnet and iTunes, will showcase a more evolved emcee who is guartenteed to be here for a long time so the kids in the back will talk about his latest single and how it reminds them of that other Canadian microphone fiend.