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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

rip craig m. smith

Two days ago, I posted a little on-line get well card for Craig M Smith. A local radio lover who has held down the huge task to babysit radio lovers and industry folk from across the country since 2001. He even started an one hour radio show talking about Radio which I appeared on once when they were doing a Tom Rivers Tribute Show. Over the years, when we weren't exchanging e-mails about radio, he was giving out a helping hand and shooting me words of encouragement when I decided to take a break from the beer. He always supported me on my decision and reminded me of what a strong person I must be to decide to loose the liquor.

Craig and I never met in person, but he was a truly wonderful on-line friend. When he was spending a lot of time in Newmarket with doctor appointments, we promised each other we would meet up for an afternoon coffee and talk. Talk radio. That never happened.

Craig, your passion and love for radio rubbed off many folk - both industry and fans alike. When I was loosing the love for the dial, I would read one of your entries or listen to one of the old SOWNY shows and remember why I love this craft so much, too. You inspired people to love radio again.

You will be missed around these parts, My Friend. Rest Peacefully.