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Saturday, September 4, 2010

a good man.

I haven't written too much about radio lately. Not much is happening. There is one place where I get my information, though. The SOWNY board. I have been posting there for as long as I found this whole wild world called the interweb. There has been one person who has been part of the scene for as long as I've been part of it. Craig M.Smith. I don't know anyone else who shares so much love for the craft as I do as him. Craig has devoted most of the past decade on being the babysitter to some of the most wild-mouthed industry folk cursing and gossiping about local media stuff. It's a tough job, but Craig has done it with class and professionalism. Sadly, Craig has recently fallen on some bad times and is now needing some of the strength and love from the people who have frequented the playpen. And all the people, like myself who love radio. War stories, funny jokes, and just a good inspirational one-liners are much appreciated.

Craig, We haven't been able to meet up. Yet. We will. And when we do, coffee is on me. I think of that time you called me to speak about Rivers on his tribute show all the time and I'm honored I was able to do it and that you asked me to call in. I also am grateful for the private notes you sent me when I quit drinking and the little words of encouragement you sent me.

Stray strong and be well, My friend. We will meet up for that coffee soon enough.