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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

chum buys flow for $27mil

I thought I just heard this news today for the first time. Then I was reminded that the story broke back in June. Maybe I forgot about it. Anyway, it's going to be official within weeks. CRTC wrote up all the legal mombo jumbo last week. Now there's only one question to be asked:

Will this be good for the only all-black station in Toronto?

When Flow first hit the airwaves it was touted as the first all-black owned station that will play an assortment of all black music. We've seen how that went. Now in 2010, the station is barely what they promised the upper brass that they'll be and have been blasting out more Top40 music than any other of their competitors. Like CHUM-FM. Would this mean that CHUM/CTV will do a format flip on the outlet to keep listeners tuned into their oldest child down the dial? Will they re-brand the station back to be what they first said they'll be. Urban?

CHUM has a wonderful rep in this city to only have hit making radio stations under their belt. OK, CP24 Radio is a huge mistake, but I still believe that they have something else planned for that one down the line. I'm sure they will make Flow the more successful than Milestone ever made it. My worry however, is that they'll loose the audience that the station first set out to serve.