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Friday, August 27, 2010

toronto promoters sue mos def

As a former promoter and someone who used to work with REMG, this gets on my nerves. Even more when I'm a huge fan of the person getting sued. Late news says that the concert promotion company is suing Mos Def for being a no-show for that show he was supposed to do here locally earlier this year with MF Doom.

The show was already riddled with controversy when they were rumors that the real MF Doom wasn't going to perform when videos on Youtube surfaced of Doom lookalikes taking the emcee's place at concerts. A day before the gig, Mos backed out of the one-off legendary lineup when he wasn't 100% sure that Doom will show-up.

Now, REMG is suing the rapper/actor for being a no-show. Def never returned the $12,500 advance Ramos and crew sent him on condition that he would perform. Furthermore, the company lost another $45,000 in "lost customers, sales, and goodwill" states company heads. REMG is suing Mos Def for at least $57,500.

I can never hate on Mos, However, I hear this is not the first time he has done this trick. Shame on you, my man. Keep the rhymes flowing and get your business straight.