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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

grown ups

The formula to get a sure shot summer sensation is to gather some of the top stars in the world, do an easy storyline that everyone can follow and add in some typical pee-pee poo-poo humor inside there along with some violent comedy bits. Boom. You've got yourself a blockbuster. Grown Ups was everything above.

But more.

When you gather some of the funniest people in Hollywood, add some kids, hot babes and a cool script, for sure you have a winning combination. However, Grown Ups was more than that. Most of the time the blockbuster of the year, is not a movie that most people can relate to. Grown Ups was a movie, however I was able to relate to. I'm sure every guy can. The movie touched something that every guy has a problem with.

His Ego.

Even if they are successful, or not, they always want to seem bigger than they are. It's part of the man DNA. But when they have to reunite with their best friends from High School, the guy takes it to the next level. Whatever level that is to impress their teenage pals.

Now, if you bring together the right people, this could be a recipe for some hilarious situations. Add to that the little kids that come out of every guy when they come back together with old chums. The little mischief makers come back out and start to re-live their innocent days.

The above is what made this movie the best comedy I've seen in a while. I was able to relate to Grown Ups . I was able to see myself doing the same if I were in the same predicament with some of my old friends. The best part of this movie, however is that the cast seemed like they actually loved being there. You can tell they were having fun while making the movie. It radiated through the screen.

This movie was different. It brought the typical Hollywood summer movie plot into something bigger. More special. Unique and of course, Funny.

Grown Ups gets 9 out of 10 buzzers.