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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

date night

Steve Carell and Tina Faye make an awesome pair. Headlining a wonderful assemble cast in one of this summer's best comedies, the duo is a believable married couple in this romantic comedy.

Date Night follows a suburban couple who wants to break from the everyday routine and bring back the spark into their relationship. While trying to be different, the Fosters end up being mistaken for a young, rocker pair who have some secret documents that could jeopardize the future of some powerful people. The journey follows the Fosters in a hilarious story with an underlining love twist that many mid-lifers can relate to.

The unexpected appearances of three my favorites, Ray Liotta, Common and Mila Kunis added to the great acting in this movie however, it's the main pair that made this movie and stole every scene they were in. The duo didn't have to say a word. Just their eyes and movements could make you laugh. It was obvious a lot of this script was improvised which I'm sure was really easy for Steve and Tina.

All in all. This was a great light hearted comedy with some good action parts and romantic bits that can satisfy the whole family if you want to spend a night in an air conditioned movie theater. I can tell this will be a hot DVD seller come the holidays.

Date Night gets 7 computer thingy's out of 10. (You'll have to watch the movie to get that whole computer thingy reference).