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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

on the bridge

It's too dangerous in a way. Kinda spiritual. Two souls.
Kinda connected. Not really. Not till the Gods say they will.
Stones passed. Kicked rocks. Coals rocked. Bridge fell.
Connected, but not really. Lost souls. Lost in their own lives.
But should be connected in their own lives. One day. Got to believe.
Got to think that they would. Could be. Someday. In May I thought it would.
Then, I never thought before. I thought back into my core. Never 'gain. My soul would get back in that feeling. But yes. Did. I fell for that kid. Happy. Mysterious. Go lucky. Depending on the day. Needed more searching. Through her soul.
Lost soul. Kicking the coal. Rocking the bridge. Falling. Souls. Together. Forever. Two souls. Never ever together. Till destiny brings us together. Someday. While kicking the coal.