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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

vmt: dilla changed our life

J Dilla was a music fan's producer. I think this is why I was such a huge fan of his. After listening to his music, you felt enlightened. You felt more educated about music. You also felt his passion he had for music and for the culture of Hip Hop. This is why I had a love hate relationship with this special edition of the VMT where we look back at the beats of J Dilla. Four years after his tragic death. I loved making this VMT since I got educated on new songs, and new beats. But I hated it because I know that Dilla isn't around anymore. This VMT will take you on a journey of Dilla beats, songs that inspired Dilla tracks and tributes to the late emcee producer. We still miss Dilla. He changed Our Life.

Got Till It's Gone - Janet Jackson
Find a Way - A Tribe Called Quest
Stakes is High - De La Soul
Don't Cry - J Dilla
Workonit - J Dilla feat. The Roots
I Don't Know - Slum Village feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff
One Apon A Time - Slum Village feat. Pete Rock
The Light - Common
Open Your Eyes - Bobby Caldwell
Open Your Eyes - Dwele
Sugar Me - Klaus Wunderlich
Certified - Guru feat. Bilal and J Dilla
Spacek - Eve
Little Brother - BlackStarr
One-4-Teen (Funky For You) - Bahamadia
Shine On Straight Arrow - Cris Williamson
The Red - Madlib
LA LA - Slum Village
One Time - Moka Only
It's a Man's World - James Brown
Man's World - Guilty Simpson
I Must Love You - Guilty Simpson
History - Mos Def feat. Talib Kweli
Two Lovers History - Mary Wells
War of the Gods - Billy Paul
10 Bricks - Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna
You Got the Love that I Need - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
Lightworks - Raymond Scott
Lightworks - Doom
The New Style - The Beastie Boys
Drop - The Pharcyde
Telephone - Erykah Badu
Gangster Boogie - Pete Rock feat. Slum Village
Business as Usual - Showbiz and AG
Fall in Love - Flying Lotus